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Our Client's Reviews will share why our customers choose Ox Car Care instead of all other providers.

"I was skeptical considering how many other extended auto warranty companies seem to not pay claims, but after a couple months of having it I'm very happy with the amount of money I managed to save. My Volkswagen Jetta eventually needed to be repaired and was pretty much covered by the warranty. I saved close to 8,000 dollars! I would definitely recommend Ox Auto Warranty to family and friends."

- Hertha M.

"I had an oil leak on my Toyota Tundra that I took to the dealer for an estimate and it was going to cost me $5,000.00 but since I had the Platinum warranty it only cost me $200.00. I am very happy with my Platinum warranty plan that gave me 4,000 dollars in savings."

- Vern R.

"I'm very happy with my decision to purchase an extended auto warranty from Ox Car Care! I was hesitant at first because I had heard so many horror stories about these warranties, but I'm glad I went with Ox Car Care. I only had to pay a small deductible for my car and they were very prompt and flexible with the process. They helped me save over 7000 dollars! I would recommend them to anyone looking to save the huge costs that come with repairs now a days."

- Deborah H.

"I purchased an extended warranty with Ox Car Care in 2017. My SUV ended up needing some work done a year into my warranty. The mechanic called for verification and had no issues at all, not once but twice. Each time was followed through with excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend Ox Car Care for anyone!!"

- Craig J.

"I purchased a diamond extended auto warranty from Ox Auto Warranty and I'm so glad I did. My car needed a brand new engine and the warranty practically covered all of it. I was very impressed with their customer service. The coverage was the best I could find in the market right now. Especially considering the pandemic I would have been in deep financial trouble if I had no warranty when I needed the engine on my vehicle, thankfully Ox helped me save over 8 grand. I am definitely getting a plan for my wife's vehicle."

- Reginald H.

"I was very pleased with the customer service I received from Ox Auto Warranty. I am a single, elderly woman. I have never purchased an extended warranty before. I was very nervous about doing it. Ox made the process so easy. They were very patient and answered all of my questions. After the Avalon I use for errands stopped working, they managed to get it fixed very quickly! I just took to my trusted family mechanic and paid a small deductible and it was over with."

- Angela W.

"We recently purchased a vehicle and wanted to extend the warranty. After going through the choices, we called them to inquire about a couple of their plans. I was transferred to Laura. Laura was very professional and took the time to explain the benefits of the different options. My husband and I found Laura to be very helpful. Ultimately, we decided to go with the Platinum warranty, so far so good!"

- Wallace M.

"Just wanted to thank the customer service lady I spoke with. She was very accommodating with me even after being late on my payment due to issues with my social security. She was very helpful and thoughtful and I appreciate it."

- Len S.

Ox Car Care could save you thousands in potential car repairs.

Peace of mind that you & your family can count on. In fact, we have given so many customers true satisfaction and peace of mind when their vehicle has needed repairs that we had to create this whole website to display them all!

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