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Member Reason Total Saved
Charles Altenator $454.78
Teresa Compressor $592.30
Ronald Wheel Hub $424.27
Daniel Wiper Motor / Steering Gear $1675.43
Tammy Expansion Valve $585.24
Starlet Ignition Coil $189.97
Luz Engine Assembly $3571.10
Ruben Transmission $1075.00
Latrese Rack And Water Pump $2628.93
Sylvain Rack And Pinion $1193.70
Richard Control Arms $2020.00
Gordon The Oxygen Sensor, Control Arm, Wheel Bearing Hub $682.05
William Fuel Pump $722.37
Kevin Rear Wheel $682.05
Frederick Timing Kit $1233.98
Anthony Transmission $3,293.10
Eustacius Oil And Condenser $1166.54

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