Filing a claim is easy. Our claim process is seamless.

Our claims process has been made straight-forward and easy so you can get your car fixed and back on the road in no time.

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A straightforward claims process.
We take care of you from start to finish!

If the vehicle is not functional:

Call roadside assistance if needed: 1-800-611-9589 and take precaution to not cause further damage to the vehicle .

Take your vehicle to any ASE-Certified Mechanic

It hardly matters if you are at home or side by the road, we are always there for you. With us you can choose the dealership or ASE-Certified repair facility of your own choice.

Contact the Claims Administrator

Once at the repair shop, show your Ox ID card to the Service Manager or Certified Technician. They will need to call our claims department at

Payment of Claim

Covered claims will be paid directly to the ASE-Certified repair facility by your contract administrator. You will be responsible for your deductible plus any non-covered charges.

Frequently asked questions

Once your claim is filed, an adjustor will begin processing your claim. If they need additional information, they may reach out to you or your service advisor. Once all the prerequisite paperwork is complete, eligible claims will be paid and you will be notified of their approval.

Please call 1-844-299-0885 to inquire about the status of your claim.

Gold, Platinum and Diamond Plans may file after 30 Days from date of purchase and 1,000 additional miles from starting odometer. Superior and Ultimate Plans may file after 40 days. If you are unsure if you are past your review period, please feel free to call customer service so someone may assist you.

Once your claim is authorized, the repair facility will finalize payment. They will first bill you for your deductible directly, and then Ox will pay the rest!

Call in to the customer service line and alert them that you are taking out a rental. Make sure to keep the receipt of your rental car payment as our policy for rentals is reimbursement. Rental car coverage is subject to claim authorization and plan-specific limitations, please refer to your plan booklet for more info.

Most policies come with emergency roadside assistance. Call the roadside assistance number included on your packet or ID cards at 1-800-611-9589. Once you arrive at the repair facility, notify your repair technician that you have an extended warranty and provide them with the claim's hotline so they can call in your claim. We'll handle the rest.

Once your claim is authorized and you have posted your deductible, we submit payment directly to your repair facility as you checkout. Then you get to ride off into the sunset after we pick up the tab.

Our claim's team will notify you and your repair facility that your claim is authorized – once your deductible is posted our payment will be issued and you are ready to hit the road again.

If you decided on an interest-free payment plan, please ensure you keep your finance status in good standing. Delinquency may lead to temporary suspension of coverage or potentially account cancellation. Please also ensure you keep up with the factory recommended maintenance, and always keep your receipts!

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