Who needs this?

At Ox Car Care, we have plans for every type of driver regardless of vehicle type. Enjoy Coverage from a Brand That’s Covered over 1 Million Automobiles

Our specialty lies in protecting our clients from over-priced, expensive car repairs. Below are client groups we work with:

Brand New Vehicle Owners

Owning a new car is major expense and should be considered an investment even though it depreciates over time. Ox Car Care helps you maintain your new cars in the best conditions possible.

Older Vehicles

As your vehicle gets older, it will be more prone to breakdowns. Ox Car Care makes it easy to manage and enjoy your car much longer it becomes older and more exposed to wear and tear.

Cover Up for Expired Manufacturer’s Warranty

Car warranty makes it easy for you to access repairs without spending money. Unfortunately, car warranty has an expiration date when they see cease to be valid. Ox Car Care bridges this divide to continue to provide your car with protection.

Regular Road Users

If you’re always on the move, you can be rest assured in the knowledge that Ox Car Care provides 24/7 car and roadside assistance whenever you car has an issue.


We have custom plans for families that need a comprehensive coverage plan. As an individual with a family, keeping your car on the road doesn’t have to give you headache anymore.

Commercial Vehicle Owners

Ox Car Care offers coverage plans for commercial car owners. Generally, car repair can be very expensive unless you have a service plan coverage in place. When you sign up with us, you can rest assured that you’d be shielded from expensive payment for any repairs.