What You Can Benefit from Using Ox Car Care

We are here for your peace of mind.

Coverage You Can Trust

More protection for your vehicle.
More value in your pocket.


Engine, Drive Axle, & Transmission Coverage


Easy, Flexible Payment Terms


Your Choice of Repair Facility


Highly Customizable Service Plans


Towing & Rental Cars Provided


24-hour Roadside Assistance

  • Major Parts Covered

    Our coverage plans cover all major parts including engine, drive axle and transmission which are often the most expensive to repair.

  • Reliable Coverage Service

    Dependable Coverage You Can Count On To Save Cost Of Repairs.

  • Adjustable Payment Plans

    Our Coverage Plans Are Fully Customizable To Fit Any Budget

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

    Enjoy 24/7 Roadside Assistance Whenever You Need Help On The Road.

  • Pick Your Choice Of Facility

    Choose Your Preferred Ase Auto Repair Shop For Your Repairs.

  • Provision Of Rental And Towing Vehicles

    Enjoy Prompt Rental And Towing Car Support When You Need It.

  • Peace Of Mind

    Our Coverage Plans Are Set Up To Deliver Reliably When You Need It. Experience Unequalled Peace And Satisfaction.

  • Flexible Coverage

    Experience A Wide Range Of Vehicle Service Plans That Are Customizable To Fit Your Exact Budget And Needs.

  • Save More Compared To Other Services

    With Ox Car Care, You Enjoy Less Cost On Your Repairs. Save Thousands Of Dollars On Expensive Repair Costs. We Have A Very Minimal Deductible That Costs Next To Nothing.

  • Enjoy Cover For The Most Important Parts Of Your Vehicle

    We Provide Adequate Protection For The Most Expensive Parts Of Your Car.

Join Us and Save Thousands of Dollars
in Potential Vehicle Repairs

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