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At Ox Car Care, we are dedicated to providing vehicle owners with a safety net with regards to the cost of car maintenance and repair.

Years Of Experience Protecting Car Owners

Our experience spans over a decade of serving car owners from different social classes. We are reputable, reliable and result-driven.

The automobile industry in America has experienced one of the greatest growths of any industry in the world. Given how competitive the market, it’s not surprising that the cost of repairing and maintaining these cars have also risen. Most car owners are now on the lookout for cars that are easy and less expensive to repair or maintain. Cars have become more complex and the use of computers to perform repairs is on the rise. The technological advancement in this industry means a car owner is likely going to be paying more today than when we had simpler cars.

Ox Car Care is dedicated to provide an amazing experience by providing every family member and their vehicles with the most reliable and cost effective solution for costly repairs.

Dedicated To Delivering Excellence

Ox Car Care is focused on shielding you from exorbitant costs of car repair. A contract with us will get your car to the repair shop so it can be fixed quickly and effectively to go back on the road safely. We shield you from overcharge and inflated costs of car servicing and repair.

We have helped protect millions of car owners from being ripped off on car repairs for years now. Our commitment is to provide an incredible experience for every vehicle owner who needs affordable but reliable car repair.

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Above And Beyong Customer Satisfaction

Ox Car Care understands how important it is for your car to be back on the road in good shape without spending a ton of money in repairs. We go above and beyond to provide you with a wide range of car service with adjustable payment plans. Just as needs are different, our plans are customizable to feed your specific requirements.

Our service will save you from unexpected car issues so don’t hesitate to pick a plan that can make all the difference when you eventually need it. Thanks to our happy and satisfied customers, we have a high star review on one of the best consumer affairs-accredited company in the industry.

  • Option to choose Mechanic
  • Easily merge with you Budget
  • Courtesy Towing
  • Roadside Assistance 24/7
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Rental car subject to contract terms & conditions.