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Questions You May Have

Claim here or call 844-299-0885

Your rate remains the same no matter the number of claims you file.

After filing a claim, the repair facility will contact the claim department for confirmation before proceeding with repairs or assistance.

To check the status of a claim, call us on 844-299-0885 on 7.00 AM – 6.00 PM, Monday to Friday.

We expect a claim to be filed in as soon as you need assistance for your vehicle. If the issue is under coverage, then assistance would be provided after claim confirmation.

After repair or assistance is provided, the deductible should be paid directly to the repair facility.

Once you car is being repaired for up to 4 hours, you can get car benefits of up to $40 a day. Please check details with the facility for your entitlements.

Paying upfront or not depends on the dealership you’re working with.

When this happens, you can call this number 844-299-0885 to schedule a tow truck meet-up.

After work completion, the repair technician will receive credit payment from the Claims department Any extra charges will be left to you to handle.

To find out if a claim is paid or not, the repair facility will get in touch with the claim’s department for more information.

We advise you keep in touch with your car manufacturer’s maintenance schedule with all receipts intact. Don’t misuse, abuse, neglect or tamper with your car during the tenure of your contract.